Keep it Low Tech

Some thoughts on the toolset

Mycelium of Knowledge (MoK) is about methods and tools. We will develop some tools open source and publish them on Github. MoK should be as open as possible. Therefore it must be low tech, i.e. that we do **not** build an integrated solution. The tools should only do simple things that you could do by hand (with some effort). We don't want to build a central framework with plugins but rather a loose collection of tools that are underpinned with ideas for the personal methodology (or vice versa). This is the only way to achieve true portability.
  • operation on-premise or in the cloud
  • also without server (e.g. file based from dropbox)
  • with a database or without
  • for just one user or a group
  • Mobile or on PC / Mac
  • Synched over several devices or based on the local file system
  • with or without version control
  • text-oriented notes or media based