Process the input for your Zettelkasten

You should always have paper and pencil with you to be able to make input for the note box Zettelkasten at any time.
  • You read something. What is interesting? How would You put it in your own words?
  • You have an idea. How can You capture it? (even in two years You should be able to recognize the idea from the note).
  • You have important insights. How can You formulate them in a comprehensible way?
All this is written on short notes. These notes are then incorporated in the Zettelkasten. The entirety of all thes interlinked notes provide a valuable basis for your work in the future.
Each input should be classified or linked from the keyword register, so that nothing gets lost in the box (dangling references).
[1] Sönke Ahrens, Das Zettelkasten-Prinzip: erfolgreich wissenschaftlich Schreiben und Studieren mit effektiven Notizen (Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2017).

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