The right Mindset

Have an open mind for using the Zettelkasten

Don't be too hard to yourself. Do not try to achieve perfection when starting with the Zettelkasten method.
Embrace the difficulties. Summarizing a complex text with your own words is a challenge. You will struggle with this tasks as well as with the system. Don't hunt too much for a perfect system.
Instead of just decomposing an article write the note "in dialog" with the notes that you want it to connect with. This is different from just collecting. It immediately brings you in a higher thought process. Especially think: Where have I been wrong before. Use the Zettelkasten to adress your confirmation bias. 34' [1]
The Zettelkasten gives you the opportunity to constantly challenge your insights and thoughts. So it is a tool against confirmation bias, it helps that you get stuck in your own filter bubble
Being open is not so easy, because opening up let a lot of crap come in to you via social media etc. So you have to close down in order to focus, on the other hand you do not want to stick in your own filter bubble. [1]
[1]: Interview of Tiago Forte with Soenke Ahrens, o. J.

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